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Healing your past traumas so you can live the life you deserve…

Judy LeGrand is the founder and CEO of High Vibe Development by LeGrand Life Coaching, creator of the Emotional Detox Diva & Energetic Weight Loss programs. Judy LeGrand and her company are at the leading edge of emotional healing and building leaders who are devoted to global healing as well. The return has a massive and worldly impact by those who have embraced her healing experience.

As a renowned emotional healer and teacher, Judy guides her students and audiences to find their inner truth and own their power by claiming their divinity through deep healing and radical self-love. Judy’s foundational teaching is that packaging up and empowering one’s unique gifts and creativity is the ultimate act of love and sacred service.

Referred to as the Happy Coach & the Emotional Detox Diva, Judy is known for transforming emotional traumas. Her mastery of transforming traumatic pasts into fulfilling futures. Judy’s transformation work has been endorsed by hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world.

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Judy LeGrand PhD

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If you're not growing, you're dying! -Lou Holt​

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“If Thor and Athena had a baby girl, it’s you!”
~ Merianne Salvey, CEO & Co~founder of multiple on-line business