High Vibe Development

What is the Value of: More money? Better health? More time? Better relationships?

Release what is holding you back from receiving all that you desire and 3 months from now, your life could completely transform!

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Imagine You…

✅ Manifest Your Desires and Dreams
✅ Rekindle or Heal your Relationships
✅Eliminate Food Addictions

Why Work with Me?

When you work with me, we break through the core of limiting beliefs by addressing your memories with effective emotional tools, allowing you to experience measurable results that other coaches may not provide. This work facilitates measurable results. Whether it's weight loss, relationship issues, addictions, money trouble, or emotional trauma, you are in control of your measurements and the experience!


Deep Dive For Clarity with our...

Money Image - Shed unwanted beliefs about your money programs.

Think Yourself Happy - Learn how thoughts affects your emotions and eliminate those associations once and for all.

Past Trauma - Eliminate the need to replay your past and transform your thoughts into creating future plans.

This ongoing High Vibe community is the ultimate reinvention for anyone who wants to heal their mind, find their inner strength, and be in love with life.

$147 a month to join any or all of the 7 classes available per week. (That's like less than $3.50 per class)

1x30 Motivational Affirmations

1x30 Manifesting Goals and Dreams (Leveraging)

1x60 Mastermind Group meeting

2x60 Open Healing Classes

2x60 Money Classes

Sign-up on the membership page - Monthly $97 re-occurring  (or send a message to ask about lifetime membership perks - $9997)



2 hour intensive / one one one - https://calendly.com/legrandcoaching/120-minutes-for-1497


» I believe in myself

» I am sexy
» I am beautiful
» I have what it takes to succeed
» Everything works out to my benefit
» I receive clarity
» I am divinely guided
» I am resourceful
» I am successful


» I am more than enough
» I am valuable

» I am healthy, happy, & loved
» I am grateful, thankful & blessed
» My hearts desires are magnified
» I always get what I want
» I matter

» I am a magical manifestor
» I am valuable


Your HAPPINESS is only a decision away!

We know there is nothing in the world that gives a person more joy than to achieve their goals. We want you to have everything you need to succeed - love, health, support, & confidence. At LeGrand Life Coaching, we have the passion, dedication, commitment, and knowledge to make that happen.

If you're not growing, you're dying! -Lou Holt​

Gift yourself the life that you deserve!
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“I was pleasantly surprised and was hooked as the results came immediately. The sessions helped enhance what I was already working on and struggling with. The sessions opened up my mind for me to find the nuances I could not find on my own. In turn it helped me heal pretty much all of my emotional struggles.”
~ Jon B.